Shaken not stirred!

    From the Manhattan to the Martini, cocktails ooze elegance and sophistication in every direction. Their uniqueness gives a sense of class and exclusivity, with Bond’s ever famous “shaken, not stirred” forever on the lips of Vesper drinkers everywhere. Cocktails have always been a stylish, swanky beverage that create and sense of excitement and grandeur amongst even the most pessimistic of us, especially on a warm afternoon as you watch the world go by.

    Highbridge Gin Club offers the perfect location for a chic afternoon of high class drinking at a low cost, as we invite you to sample our wide range of cocktails at a special rate of two for £10 between 4pm and 7pm, from Sunday to Thursday. With a host of expert mixologists and a plethora of classic, modern and in-house favourites, we are sure to have something to suit everyone.

    2 cocktails for £10 between 4 and 7pm Sunday to Thursday

    A Joy to behold!

    When it comes to lunchtime cocktails, there’s nothing like a warm spring day with rays of afternoon sunshine beaming through our open French doors. Add a sharing platter to the occasion and you find yourself in a sense of grandeur, forgetting you’re in the north of England, and not a high end Spanish gin bar faced with a plate of tapas. Our martini lunch is a play on the Three-martini lunch, once the cornerstone of the American business sector, where businessmen would knock back a few martinis whilst conducting a business lunch, before heading back to the office to carry on a day at the desk.

    Our lunch however takes on a slightly different spin to the one that caused so much controversy in the 80s, as we offer lunchtime diners a pub platter and two cocktails for just £20. Our beautifully crafted pub platter comes with Northumberland pulled pork; spinach and goats cheese croquettes, a yolky Scotch egg, homemade fries, vintage cheddar, making for a delightfully sophisticated English style lunch, washed down by two cocktail’s of your choice.

    Join us between 12 and 3 everyday

    Designed for better lunchtimes.

    Here at Pleased to Meet You, we are excited to introduce our utterly delighful two course express menu. With wonderful choices for each course, our express menu is ideal for a midday meal with friends, a relaxing business lunch or a pre-theatre tea. Each week we'll be revamping the menu and, with many wonderful flavours to tempt your taste buds, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice.

    Two courses for £10.95 between 12pm and 7pm

    Available between 12 pm - 3 pm

    When it comes to your lunch break you can treat yourself in whatever way you want, from not eating to grabbing a sandwich on the go, or even spoiling yourself in a nice restaurant. No matter what time of year it is, sandwiches are always the main lunch time weapon of choice. At PTMY we have some of the finest sandwiches in town, so come down on your lunch break and have a sandwich that will make every other sandwich seem like a disappointment!
  • ISH!

    A new addition to PTMY.

    Styling itself as Britain’s best kept secret, this traditionally pot stilled gin is produced right at the heart of London. Distilled no fewer than five times, the spirit brings you some of the highest quality British ingredients in each of its twelve botanicals. Whilst this beautifully packaged product take on a modern presentation, the gin itself takes a much more traditional London Dry approach, with its twelve botanicals not straying too far from the norm. With bursts of coriander, angelica root and lemon peel, Ish seems like a fairly standard number, but throw in a double measure of juniper and you’ve got yourself a punchy, powerful gin, with a real gin taste.


    "Only connoisseurs can appreciate beers like mine".

    Anyone who has ever made the bold venture to Belgium will be well aware of the importance of beer within the tiny nation. Like cheese to the Swiss, beer is looked at as a delicacy, with high strength, flavorsome beer the norm, meaning noses are turned at anything less. With these standards wavering for no one, even Guiness had to adapt, meaning in 1944, John Martin crossed the Channel, requesting for a unique, export strength brand of the black stuff to be brewed for the Belgian market. Abiding by his wish, the Irishmen wrestled up Guinness Export Strength, an 8% bottled gem, which proudly boasts the same full bodied creaminess, and settles in a dark, ruby, red colour. While the taste is very similar to their traditional stout, this export brand gives an explosive taste of roasted malt, smoked wood and liquorish, to give a long lasting aftertaste.

    We love Sunday!

    When it comes to Sunday, it’s all about the Sunday roast, the cornerstone of the British week and the one thing that remains constant in the ever-changing, modern diet. There’s nothing like good company and a wholesome, tender roast in a tranquil setting on the day of rest. Using only the finest of local ingredients, our Sunday roast boasts a mouth watering selection of Northumberland lamb, Hamsterley Forest ‘Welsh white’ pork loin and locally sourced beef. Each dish is served with the freshest produce, with an accompaniment of creamed potatoes, buttered green beans, honey glazed carrots and red wine gravy, complimenting our succulent cuts and adding a touch of colour to our substantial feed. When it comes to red meats, nothing ignites the flavours more than an intense blackberry infused merlot. For those really looking to treat themselves, our Velvet Devil Merlot by Charles Smith makes for an impeccable pairing.

    Join us every Sunday from midday


    A complex spirit crafted with 12 botanicals.

    After opening Britain’s first ever members only strip club, snapping up the majority of Soho’s property and launching a number of top shelf magazines, Paul Raymond was affectionately dubbed The King Of Soho. Following his death in 2008, he left his £650 million estate to his granddaughters, who vowed to carry on the family business. Despite the empire skipping a generation, it was Paul’s son, Howard, who decided to create this fine gin in honour of his old man. Distilled in Thames Distillery, the artsy bottled gin is bottled at 43% and contains just twelve botanicals, including grapefruit and cassia bark. Call in now and treat yourself to a taste of this 2013 creation!

    The King of Soho

    Say hello to our Big and Juicy Blue!

    With simplicity equally matched with complexity, nothing divides opinion like the hamburger. Enthusiasts spend years searching for that Holy Grail, and even when they think they’ve found it, someone will have discovered an even better one. We, however believe we have the answer to this never ending debate, with our Big and Juicy Blue Burger.

    With Thompson’s Farm dry aged, ground brisket stuffed with a unique British Stilton sourced from Parkhead farm, our products provide the traceability, provenance and heritage you won’t find anywhere else. Topped with homemade bacon jam, our juicy patty oozes hot melted, mild stilton that doesn’t overpower, yet manages to hold its unique Stilton appeal.

    Served with hand cut, home made chips, our handcrafted delight may well be the elusive patty you’ve been searching for.