Opens Friday July 25th

    Meat lovers, beer mavens, bourbon buffs, cocktail girls, liquor ladies and hop quaffers across the land, LISTEN UP as this will be music to your ears. Our little brother Hop and Cleaver will open on Friday 25th July; a smoke-house and brewery nestled in the heart of Newcastle's Quayside. They will be smoking their meat lovingly, brewing craft beer in-house for perfect freshness and specialise in Bourbon, hardshakes and cocktails.

    Smoking soon!

    Welcome to the revolution!

    Throughout June and July we'll be playing host to the best Italian craft beers known to man and rotating them on a weekly basis. On tap we will have beers brewed by Birrificio Toccalmatto, Brewfist, Birra Del Borgo and Birrificio Italiano. Over the past decade the Italian craft beer scene has exploded and now accounts for over 360 microbreweries, an amazing achievement considering that in the mid-1990s there was almost no craft beer brewed commercially in Italy. Join the revolution and enjoy a refreshing, hoppy Italian ale during the summer months.

    Italian Craft Keg Beer:

    Zona Cesarini - I.P.A. 6.6% ABV

    Caterpillar - Pale Ale 5.8% ABV

    Jale - Extra Special Bitter 5.6% ABV

    Terminal - Pale Ale 3.7% ABV

    Re Ale Extra - I.P.A. 6.4% ABV

    Extra Hop - Pilsner 4.8% ABV


    Shaken not stirred!

    From the Manhattan to the Martini, cocktails ooze elegance and sophistication in every direction. Their uniqueness gives a sense of class and exclusivity, with Bond’s ever famous “shaken, not stirred” forever on the lips of Vesper drinkers everywhere. Cocktails have always been a stylish, swanky beverage that create and sense of excitement and grandeur amongst even the most pessimistic of us, especially on a warm afternoon as you watch the world go by.

    Highbridge Gin Club offers the perfect location for a chic afternoon of high class drinking at a low cost, as we invite you to sample our wide range of cocktails at a special rate of two for £10 between 4pm and 7pm, from Sunday to Thursday. With a host of expert mixologists and a plethora of classic, modern and in-house favourites, we are sure to have something to suit everyone.

    2 cocktails for £10 between 4 and 7pm Sunday to Thursday

    A complex spirit crafted with 12 botanicals.

    After opening Britain’s first ever members only strip club, snapping up the majority of Soho’s property and launching a number of top shelf magazines, Paul Raymond was affectionately dubbed The King Of Soho. Following his death in 2008, he left his £650 million estate to his granddaughters, who vowed to carry on the family business. Despite the empire skipping a generation, it was Paul’s son, Howard, who decided to create this fine gin in honour of his old man. Distilled in Thames Distillery, the artsy bottled gin is bottled at 43% and contains just twelve botanicals, including grapefruit and cassia bark. Call in now and treat yourself to a taste of this 2013 creation!

    The King of Soho

    Say hello to our Big and Juicy Blue!

    With simplicity equally matched with complexity, nothing divides opinion like the hamburger. Enthusiasts spend years searching for that Holy Grail, and even when they think they’ve found it, someone will have discovered an even better one. We, however believe we have the answer to this never ending debate, with our Big and Juicy Blue Burger.

    With Thompson’s Farm dry aged, ground brisket stuffed with a unique British Stilton sourced from Parkhead farm, our products provide the traceability, provenance and heritage you won’t find anywhere else. Topped with homemade bacon jam, our juicy patty oozes hot melted, mild stilton that doesn’t overpower, yet manages to hold its unique Stilton appeal.

    Served with hand cut, home made chips, our handcrafted delight may well be the elusive patty you’ve been searching for.
  • MONKEY 47

    Uniting British traditions, the exoticism of India, and the rustic feel of the Black Forest.

    Coming from the Black Forests of Germany, the appropriately named Monkey 47 contains no fewer than 47 botanicals as well as being bottled at a healthy 47%. With its traditions tracing back to former RAF Wing Commander Montgomery Collins after he moved to the juniper rich forest in 1951, the gin was rediscovered in the 70s by Albert Stein, who recreated it according to the original recipe. Following its carefully designed, apothecary style bottle, the gin was released on a commercial front and as has gone on to win numerous awards. Voted the world’s best gin in 2011 at both the World Spirits Awards and the International Wine and Spirits Awards, this complex spirit is both robust and powerful with plenty of spice, fruit and herb flavours.

    Perfect serving: Monkey 47 Gin, Fentimans Tonic Water with an orange slice garnish.

    A curious gin from the Black Forest


    Introducing our new food menu.

    After an extremely successful opening year, the time has come for us to evolve and bring you something new, something even better than before. This time around we have pushed boundaries, creating dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in town as we stride forward in our endless pursuit of perfection. Bringing in dishes such as the Pork three way and our revolutionary, American style Big and juicy blue burger, this menu is set to get the taste buds tingling. With a number of new dishes coming in, we haven’t forgotten about the old favourites such as our Pulled pork on brioche and the pub classic that is Fish and chips
    After a long Sunday afternoon of rummaging, why not pop into PTMY and treat yourself to a couple of cocktails at Highbridge Gin Club?

    Check out our new menu!


    Introducing our new spring cocktail.

    Playing on Gaz Regan’s Moonlight Cocktail, which itself is a twist on Hugo R. Esslinn’s Aviation, our mixologists have pulled something special out of the bag with the creation of the Moonlight Sonata. Sticking to the base ingredients of gin and violette liqueur, we’ve replaced maraschino liqueur with Triple Sec and added Velvet Falernum, a sugar cane and lime based liqueur hailing from Barbados, and a must for all self respecting cocktail bars. The ingredient are then mixed with lime juice and shaken, before being strain into a champagne saucer and topped with prosecco and garnished with a stemmed cherry. The resulting cocktail is an electric post-sunset hue with a citrus, zesty fizz.

    Give in to temptation and join us for a cocktail at High Bridge Gin Club, every Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 7pm.


    An extraordinary award-winning gin!

    After a tremendously success trial period, Bathtub Gin is here to stay. The extraordinary gin, produced by enigmatic Professor Cornelius Ampleforth infuses copper pot-still spirit with ingredients such as juniper, orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Taking its name from the dark days of American prohibition, home brewers would whip up concoctions of moonshine, or bathtub gin, in order to fill the 1920’s ethanol demands. A far cry to the impurities of moonshine, this small batch beauty is the Real McCoy with its lightly tinted botanicals providing both a bold and perfumed flavour that is a favourite of mixologists everywhere.

    We recommend Bathtub Gin with Fever Tree tonic and a garnish of orange and cloves.

    Professor Cornelius Ampleforth