Introducing our new food menu.

    After an extremely successful opening year, the time has come for us to evolve and bring you something new, something even better than before. This time around we have pushed boundaries, creating dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in town as we stride forward in our endless pursuit of perfection. Bringing in dishes such as the Pork three way and our revolutionary, American style Big and juicy blue burger, this menu is set to get the taste buds tingling. With a number of new dishes coming in, we haven’t forgotten about the old favourites such as our Pulled pork on brioche and the pub classic that is Fish and chips
    After a long Sunday afternoon of rummaging, why not pop into PTMY and treat yourself to a couple of cocktails at Highbridge Gin Club?

    Check out our new menu!


    Introducing our new spring cocktail.

    Playing on Gaz Regan’s Moonlight Cocktail, which itself is a twist on Hugo R. Esslinn’s Aviation, our mixologists have pulled something special out of the bag with the creation of the Moonlight Sonata. Sticking to the base ingredients of gin and violette liqueur, we’ve replaced maraschino liqueur with Triple Sec and added Velvet Falernum, a sugar cane and lime based liqueur hailing from Barbados, and a must for all self respecting cocktail bars. The ingredient are then mixed with lime juice and shaken, before being strain into a champagne saucer and topped with prosecco and garnished with a stemmed cherry. The resulting cocktail is an electric post-sunset hue with a citrus, zesty fizz.

    Give in to temptation and join us for a cocktail at High Bridge Gin Club, every Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 7pm.


    An extraordinary award-winning gin!

    After a tremendously success trial period, Bathtub Gin is here to stay. The extraordinary gin, produced by enigmatic Professor Cornelius Ampleforth infuses copper pot-still spirit with ingredients such as juniper, orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Taking its name from the dark days of American prohibition, home brewers would whip up concoctions of moonshine, or bathtub gin, in order to fill the 1920’s ethanol demands. A far cry to the impurities of moonshine, this small batch beauty is the Real McCoy with its lightly tinted botanicals providing both a bold and perfumed flavour that is a favourite of mixologists everywhere.

    We recommend Bathtub Gin with Fever Tree tonic and a garnish of orange and cloves.

    Professor Cornelius Ampleforth
  • Partizan Brewing FES.

    Bermondsey based micro-brewery.

    Had it not have been for The Kernel deciding to relocate a couple of years ago, Partizan brewery may never have come about. During the relocation, Kernel founder Evin O’Riordain offered a redundant brewing kit to former chef Andy Smith, who at the time was working for Tottenham based brewery Redemption. Usually one for big flavoured, lower strength beers, Smith’s Foreign Export Stout has lead him down a new path with its 8.4% abv. With a palate developed through years in the culinary industry, Smith’s love for big flavours has stayed strong in this nutty, chocolate stout giving off hints of burnt wood chip and vanilla for a luxurious finish.

    With its vanilla scented essence, this powerful stout makes for a heavenly match with our handcrafted brownies.

    Bermondsey's reluctant brewer.

    RPM Music - 19/04/14

    Set up in America in 2007, Record Shop Day gives independent music dealers the opportunity to celebrate their unique culture with the people that love it. Marking their seventh anniversary, the worldwide celebration has grown stronger with each passing year as musicians and fans alike have jumped onboard and spread the word to those still unaware. Each year, a number of specially made vinyls, CDs and MP3s are released by artists who wish to pay their recognition to the people who have dedicated their lives to rock and roll.

    This year our neighbour’s RPM Music will be taking part in the celebrations with a number of local bands performing as well as offering free breakfast, record giveaways and a number of record players to be won. The event kicks off at 10am until 5pm, so why not call in with us for a Martini Lunch to break up the day?

    Keep on spinning!


    Balanced, rich and explosive.

    Having spent nine years wining and dining Scandinavian rock bands during a nine-year residency in Denmark, Sacramento born Charles Smith developed the passion for fine wine that would ultimately carve his career. Despite his career change, Smith’s love of the theatrical, over the top thrash metal mentality never left, and he started making wines that matched it. Like many modern American winemakers, self taught Smith, has thrown in as many flavours as he can muster, to give a big hitting, long lasting feel on the palate.

    Smith’s 2012 creation, the Velvet Devil, is a classic Merlot packed with flavour; giving off aromas of dark cherries, cedar and pipe tobacco. Named after it’s velvety, smooth texture, the Devil is a slightly more upmarket wine that will make a perfect pairing with our slow roast garlic and anchovy studded Northumbrian lamb shoulder. Priced at £29 and only available by the bottle, this is a delicious treat to compliment your roast and top off a long week at the office.

    The Velvet Devil


    When it comes to spirits there’s no arguing the popularity of vodka, the cornerstone of Eastern Europe and arguably the most popular spirit on the planet. To many, vodka is a tasteless spirit, with the stench of high powered ethanol the only visible flavour on the palate, however the complexities of the neutral can never be underestimated, with each vodka bringing character from its homeland. In house we have a huge range of vodka’s bursting with character that will roll down your throat without giving you that cold, shakey shudder some of you associate with vodka! Why not ask for an upgrade on our house vodka and try one of our more refined brands such as Grey Goose, Sipsmith or Sacred? Or if you want something slightly flavoured we’ve got Zabrowska, Grey Goose Orange or Stoli Vanilla. Next time you’re in don’t be scared to quiz our staff and get yourself some top quality ethanol!

    Sipsmith - more than just gin.

    Shaken not stirred!

    From the Manhattan to the Martini, cocktails ooze elegance and sophistication in every direction. Their uniqueness gives a sense of class and exclusivity, with Bond’s ever famous “shaken, not stirred” forever on the lips of Vesper drinkers everywhere. Cocktails have always been a stylish, swanky beverage that create and sense of excitement and grandeur amongst even the most pessimistic of us, especially on a warm afternoon as you watch the world go by.

    Highbridge Gin Club offers the perfect location for a chic afternoon of high class drinking at a low cost, as we invite you to sample our wide range of cocktails at a special rate of two for £10 between 4pm and 7pm, from Sunday to Thursday. With a host of expert mixologists and a plethora of classic, modern and in-house favourites, we are sure to have something to suit everyone.

    2 cocktails for £10 between 4 and 7pm Sunday to Thursday

    A Joy to behold!

    When it comes to lunchtime cocktails, there’s nothing like a warm spring day with rays of afternoon sunshine beaming through our open French doors. Add a sharing platter to the occasion and you find yourself in a sense of grandeur, forgetting you’re in the north of England, and not a high end Spanish gin bar faced with a plate of tapas. Our martini lunch is a play on the Three-martini lunch, once the cornerstone of the American business sector, where businessmen would knock back a few martinis whilst conducting a business lunch, before heading back to the office to carry on a day at the desk.

    Our lunch however takes on a slightly different spin to the one that caused so much controversy in the 80s, as we offer lunchtime diners a pub platter and two cocktails for just £20. Our beautifully crafted pub platter comes with Northumberland pulled pork; spinach and goats cheese croquettes, a yolky Scotch egg, homemade fries, vintage cheddar, making for a delightfully sophisticated English style lunch, washed down by two cocktail’s of your choice.

    Join us between 12 and 3 everyday